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"It reminds me of our own Kashmir" Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi when he visited Bishkek. The land of snow covered mountains, lakes, valleys and desert to suit all the aspirants.

Kyrgyz republic is located in the very heart of Central Asia on the Great Silk Road and has been praised by many poets and philosophers of the East. This area of the world is fast becoming a prime tourist destination as many people are now interested in understanding more about the history of the people living here. Kyrgyz republic has the population of 5 million people representing more than 80 ethnic communities living in peace and international concord. In general the Kyrgyz are warm, sensitive and friendly people. The features of the Kyrgyz culture are tolerance, hospitality, open mindedness and flexibility. It means that the people of Kyrgyz Republic face other cultures and nations easily. Kyrgyz republic is committed to its official foreing policy doctrine "East and West integration along the Great Silk Road" and favors the development and exchange of educational technologies as major priority of its national policy in the XXI century.

Kyrgyz Republic is a land of mountains, rivers and forests. So trekking, mountaineering, white-water rafting, pony trekking, mountain biking and even heli-skiing are commin activities in this country. Issyk Kul is, by far, the most popular tourist attraction, also known as "The Jewel" of Central Asia. Issyk-Kul means "hot lake" in Kyrgyz and confirms its name by not freezing in winter. It is 1609 Mtrs above the sea level and has an area of 6206 (179 km long and 60 km wide), making it the second largest alpine lake in the world after Lake Titicaca in SOuth America.