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Issyk Kul is Kyrgyzstan 's largest Lake and at about 180 km long by 70 km wide and 668 meters deep at the deepest point, (the average depth is about 300 meters ), it is the world's second largest mountain lake – and the fifth deepest lake in the world.
The lake has been held in high regard by the Kyrgyz – it is known as the “pearl of the Tien Shan ” – and in 2004, the government declared the lake as the “property of the nation”.
Due to its size it sometimes appears like an inland sea, and it has a fair number of beaches. Most of these are on the Northern shore and have long acted as a magnet for tourists. Asian Medical Institute has Owned a well known Resort “GOLDEN TREBAS” awarded by government for its best facilities and services in 2005 on one of the beautiful and Sunny beaches in the Issyk Kul. Students will go for Physical training and relaxation fr
om the Institute. Asian Medical Institute also has the Campus for Study and a hostel facility for the students. Pleasure trips for educational purposes as well as relaxation will go from the Institute. Because we know that games are also play an important role in building the character of students.