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In order to make students’ life more interesting there are all the conditions in the institute to conduct cultural measure. For students of the institute there are all the conditions for leisure, namely sport halls, gym, swimming pool & etc. institute organize different festivals, tours, games and encourage students to take part in different study and sport competition, For students’ habitation there are such conditions as hostel and separate comfortable apartments with all the conditions . in the building of the hostel there is the student canteen with a snack bar. Mess facility is present , in mess cooks are pakistanies, indians and nepalies security service protects the hostel.

Foreign students are trained on the contract basis in concordance with the law of Kyrgyz republic “About the legal status of Foreigners.” Foreign citizens of the Kyrgyz origin enjoy the equal rights as Kyrgyz citizens. All institute entrants enjoy the equal rights independently sex, racial & national belonging, social and property status, ideology, religion, place of residence and other circumstances.

Three spacious hostels with all services including boarding facility, for girls and boys, to accommodate students from 3 countries , are available adjacent to the college premises.
Security staff remains alert on duty for 24 hours. Transport has been provided for hostilities for their clinical work in affiliated hospital. The hostel atmosphere is clam, quite and conductive for studies. The security and comforts of the students always remains our prime objective. Two Generators of 200 KVA have been installed in the Hostels as a stand by arrangement in case the electricity breaks down.
Hostels are supervised by Senior teaching faculty members.