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Students Messages

Now I feel, I have got a bright future because I am in A.M.I., which is on my way. Vijay Dhakal, 3rd Group, Nepal

I feel honored to send a message on behalf of A.M.I. You all must of heard the Well knowned person in Medical History, Mr. Keith L. Moore. He quoted in his book: “You will remember some of what you hear, much of what you read, more of what you see & almost all of what you experience & understand fully.” In the process of becoming a doctor, in any Medical college or institute you will have to follow some basic rules & principles. But I gurantee that in A.M.I you will obey the rule quoted above. In A.M.I, you will get the best possible medical education & unforgettable experience. I fell proud being a student of A.M.I. Qasim Ghumman, 4th Group, Pakistan

To be a doctor is “hard nut to crack”. Its my future that I get opportunity to achive my bull’s eye that A.M.I every possibilities have provided below under a single roof. I am glad to have such teachers & members of Institute. A.M.I just like pages of book, the more we turn, the more we get. My dream comes true. Thanking Institute. Chandni Soni, 1st Group, India