AzMI Faculty of General Medicine Shines at Interuniversity Conference on “AIDS Day

On December 12, 2023, the students of AzMI Faculty of General Medicine and Medical College showcased their academic prowess and commitment to raising awareness on critical health issues at the Interuniversity Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to “AIDS Day.” This event, organized by the Eurasian International University, provided a platform for students from various institutions to delve into the complexities of HIV/AIDS and share their findings.

The remarkable achievements of the AzMI students at the conference underscored their dedication to scientific inquiry and effective communication. Earning the coveted 1st place in the “Best Report” category, the students demonstrated not only their depth of knowledge on the subject but also their ability to articulate and present their findings with precision and clarity. The accolades continued with 1st place in the “Best Poster” category, where the students skillfully combined creativity and scientific content to visually convey crucial information about HIV/AIDS. Additionally, their 2nd place in the “Best Video” category highlighted their innovative approach to disseminating information, utilizing multimedia to engage and educate the audience on the importance of AIDS awareness. These outstanding accomplishments not only reflect the academic excellence of AzMI but also underscore the institution’s commitment to producing well-rounded and socially responsible medical professionals.