S.Tentishev Asian Medical Institue is Recognized and Affiliated by :

  1. Ministry of Education and Science- Kyrgyzstan
  2. World Health Organization
  4. WFME
  5. WHED
  6. IAU
  7. ECFMG
  9. AMSE
  10. AAEPO
  11. EdNET
  12. Australian Medical Council Limited
  13. Pakistan Medical Council
  14. Medical Council of India
  15. Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council
  16. Philippine Medical Council
  17. Nepal Medical Council
  18. SLMC

Validity of passport should be 3-5 years at the moment you apply for Visa.

Your metric mark sheet and Intermediate mark sheet are required for the Admission letter.

E-Visa comes in 7-10 working days in a normal routine.

You only have to pay for Visa in your home country. You can pay your tuition fee after coming to Kyrgyzstan.

Yes, our institute does take a screening test of newly admitted students of the following subjects: 1)Biology 2)Chemistry 3)English

Admission letter usually comes in 2-4 working days.

For admission to our institute students should have a minimum of 60% in intermediate Pre-Medical.

There are two intakes every year, September intake and February intake.