The Asian Medical Institute is committed in its pursuit of excellence to providing the best academic facilities and atmosphere to its students. Our mission is to train future leaders of medicine who set new standards in knowledge, caring, and compassion. Our faculty is exceptionally well qualified and committed. teachers provide a combination of nurturing support and challenge to the students to reach their maximum potential.

We shall continue to transform the contents, methodology of teaching, and technological resources according to the dictates of time. To serve the health care needs of the world by educating health care practitioners to the highest international standards and stimulating innovation through research.

Implementation of educational programs that meet the international standards through the quality training of competitive specialists, by integrating the best international practices in education, science, and clinics, based on the principles of evidence-based medicine.

The main goals of AsMI:

  • Ensuring the high competitiveness of the institute in the domestic and foreign labor market for providing high-quality educational services.
  • Implementation of the program of purity and export of education.
  • Introduction of the most modern technologies, improvement of information support of the educational process.
  • Development of postgraduate forms of medical education and expansion of contacts with other universities.
  • Strengthening the material and technical base, expanding and improving the clinical base of AsMI, its own medical center.
  • Creation of a favorable moral and psychological climate in the team, contributing to the achievement of high results.
  • Instilling in each employee and teacher a conscious attitude towards the fulfillment of their official duties, since only if they fulfill their official duties of high quality and continuously improve their pedagogical and professional qualifications, further development of the institute is possible.