Independent Inspection

Vice-rector of quality education and labor discipline Edigeev Janat Asylbekovich

The independent inspection of Azmi was opened by the order of the founder of Azmi No. 7 dated April 1, 2016.

The main purpose of creating an independent inspection is to fight corruption for the purity, quality of education and improvement of labor and academic discipline of the Azmi named after S. Tentishev. We have implemented an absolutely fair and transparent system of passing exams. Our session is passed under the supervision of video cameras that record both video and audio signals online.

The independent inspection is responsible for monitoring the educational process at the Institute, namely:

  • control over the conduct of all classes according to the curriculum and their attendance by students;
  • control over the work of the administration.

An independent inspection has the right to:

  • an independent inspection has the right to attend all classes held at the Institute and in clinical bases.
  • exercise full control over the conduct of the session, so that inspectors can freely attend all exams, tests, as well as during testing.

If the independent inspection detects corrupt actions on the part of the staff and administration, disciplinary penalties will be applied to employees up to dismissal.

All reports on the work done are provided directly to the founder of the Institute.