AzMI Student Shines on the International Stage: Awarded for Outstanding Research in Pedagogical Sciences

Highlighting the commitment to academic excellence at the Asian Medical Institute (AzMI), Anvesha Akanksha Bag, a dedicated student from the Faculty of General Medicine, emerged as a beacon of scholarly achievement. Under the guidance of her scientific supervisor, senior teacher Karagulova M.Sh. from the Department of Natural and Humanitarian Disciplines, Anvesha participated in the International Research Competition, SCIENTIFIC DEBUT 2023, held on March 30. Her research article titled “Student-centered learning using the example of AzMI” garnered acclaim, securing an II degree diploma in the “Pedagogical Sciences” category. This recognition not only reflects the depth of Anvesha’s commitment to her studies but also exemplifies AzMI’s dedication to fostering a research-centric educational environment.

As her article finds a place in the collection of competition articles, Anvesha Akanksha Bag’s achievement resonates beyond the confines of AzMI, marking a notable contribution to the broader discourse in pedagogical sciences. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Anvesha, wishing her continued success in her academic pursuits and future scientific endeavors. Her accomplishment stands as a testament to the institute’s emphasis on nurturing not only skilled medical practitioners but also adept researchers and scholars poised to make impactful contributions to the field of education.