AzMI Terminators Claim Victory in Volleyball Showdown

We are delighted to announce the resounding success of the AzMI Terminators, our formidable volleyball team from the Asian Medical Institute, who emerged victorious in the final match against the IMU Crusaders on January 9, 2024. This thrilling volleyball event, graciously organized by Alatoo International University, provided an exhilarating platform for teams to showcase their skills and sportsmanship. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Alatoo Student Council for their warm hospitality, which made us feel truly welcomed. The AzMI Terminators displayed exceptional determination and prowess, ultimately clinching the winning trophy in a spectacular fashion. The closing ceremony was a grand affair, with medals, certificates, and cash prizes showered upon our triumphant team. We couldn’t be prouder of their achievement and eagerly anticipate many more victories on the horizon. Here’s to the AzMI Terminators – champions on and off the court!