Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022

The 22nd of October Asian Medical Institute marks Breast Cancer Awareness Day and members of the AsMI Students Parliament made sure that this awareness grows among students and teachers.
Every Ribbon Makes A Difference & Awareness Is Power.
AsMI Student Parliament worked on this slogan and in regard to breast cancer awareness week, arranged an awareness campaign on Breast Cancer. Members of the student Parliament went from class to class and aware the students of breast cancer. posters, brochures, and pink ribbons were distributed among students during the session to make them aware of the role they can play in practical life as a medical student or as a practitioner in future to minimize breast cancer in society in the future. during the session, members elaborated on the symptoms, causes, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, etiology, and prevention of breast cancer. students got aware of self-examination and its importance in life.
At Asian Medical Institute we try our best to deliver up-to-date knowledge to students so that they are aware of current medical issues faced by the community and help society to live a healthy lifestyle.