Celebrating Cultural Harmony: ‘Singing Kyrgyz Songs’ Event Unites Communities

In a harmonious celebration of cultural diversity, the Palace of Culture named after A. Toytoev in Kant was alive with the melodies of Kyrgyz songs during a special event initiated by the Issyk-Ata district state administration. The occasion, organized with the support of the mayor’s office of Kant, marked the conclusion of the month-long period dedicated to the State Language Day.

The event, aptly titled “Singing Kyrgyz Songs,” brought together representatives of various nationalities residing in the Issyk-Ata region. Participants, who studied and worked in diverse fields, showcased their talents by performing songs in the Kyrgyz language. The esteemed panel of judges, including Deputy Akim Nurbek Sagynbaev, Mayor Ulan Mailibashev, People’s Artist Yuri Bobkov, and Klara Narynbaeva, head of the district department of culture, evaluated the performances.

Valery Pashchenko claimed the 1st place with the soulful rendition of “Elaman,” while Tatyana Obukhova secured the 2nd place with “Enekem.” Lakshya Parmar, a 2nd-year student at the AzMi Institute named after S. Tentisheva in Kant, captured the audience and clinched the 3rd place with the song “Nice to meet you.” The mayor’s office of the city of Kant honored the participants with diplomas and thoughtful gifts, emphasizing the cultural richness and unity present within the vibrant community of the Issyk-Ata region.