Educational work on Oral Hygiene

 December 8, 2023, teachers of the Department of Dentistry:

• 1. Lebuzov I.I.,

• 2. Dzhaparkulova A.K.,

• 3. Beishenbaev D.N.,

• 4. Toktosunov A.D.,

Together with students of the Faculty of Dentistry, group SF 1-21, 3rd year of the 5th semester of the Asian Medical Institute named after Satkynbai Tentishev, they carried out educational work with students of the elementary school of gymnasium No. 1 in the city of Kant.

• The event was organized for 2nd-grade students.

• During the event, teachers of the department told the children about the importance of oral hygiene, how to brush their teeth properly, and the prevention of caries and other dental diseases.

• Students demonstrated to the children the correct technique for brushing their teeth using models. Students listened with great interest to the stories of teachers and students. They learned a lot of new and useful things about how to keep their teeth healthy. At the end of the event, the children received reminders about oral hygiene and toothbrushes. Educational work on oral hygiene is an important part of the prevention of dental diseases. It helps children and teenagers develop proper hygiene skills and maintain the health of their teeth for many years.

• Call to action:

• Parents, pay attention to your children’s oral hygiene. Carry out hygiene procedures with them together, and your children will grow up healthy and happy!