Endocrine Pathology Olympiad

Endocrine System is one of the major acting systems in the human body. Pathologies related to the endocrine system are as complicated as the human structure and have a high significance in clinical practice to make students aware of the endocrine system and its pathologies. Aigull Mam Head of the Morphology Department took the initiative to organize an olympiad based on 4 different rounds. Student Parliament with the aid of our respected Faculty organize the event on 05-01-2023. Every round was created keeping in note all glands and functions of the system. we had 4 different teams. All teams came with high morale and great knowledge.

The first round was an introductory round in which all introduce themselves in the form of skits & videos. The second round was the questioning round in which all performed so well. The third round was situation based in which students described the given situation with the help of different photos and then elaborated their answers to the jury. The last round was to solve a clinical case.

Teams islets performed best during all and got the first distinction. All the teams were appreciated at last. The students shared good responses and will participate in future events too.