Exploring Diabetes: AzMI Students Engage in Informative Round Table

On November 10, 2023, the conference hall of AzMI named after S. Tentishev buzzed with intellectual fervor as students participated in an insightful round table on the “Molecular Mechanisms of the Pathogenesis of Diabetes Mellitus.”

Organized by senior lecturer AS Aaliev from the Department of Morphological Disciplines, with active support from the student scientific society of AzMI, the round table drew eager participation from students, particularly those involved in the “Biochemistry” scientific circle. The event aimed to foster discussions on the etiopathogenesis and prevention of diabetes mellitus.

Certificates of participation and thoughtful gifts were awarded to the students in recognition of their engagement and knowledge. The enthusiasm displayed by the students showcased their keen interest in such scientific discussions. Their expressions of gratitude underscored the value of events like these, emphasizing the importance of creating platforms for knowledge exchange and academic exploration within the AzMI community.