First Aid and Surgical Training Workshop

The Inter-universities “First Aid and Surgical Training Workshop” hosted by the Education Department, Students Parliament Asian Medical Institute on March 7th, 2023, proved to be a valuable learning experience for first and second-year students from various institutions, including the International Medical University (IMU) and ISM/IUK. Participants delved into essential skills such as choking first aid, injections of all types, desmurgy, and BCLS/CPR, honing their abilities crucial for medical emergencies. A highlight of the workshop was the esteemed presence of Dr. Zeeshan Noor Malik, Patron in Chief FMGs, whose insightful words inspired the attendees. His distribution of participation certificates to both students and the organizing team acknowledged their dedication and hard work, further emphasizing the importance of such initiatives in shaping future healthcare professionals.

Held at the S.Tentishev Memorial Asian Medical Institute, the event also welcomed distinguished guests including Dr. Zeeshan Noor Malik, President FMGs, Kamran Sipra, President Student Council IMU, Ayesha Mir, Vice President, and Khosha Ali Zaidi, Head of Scientific Research. Their presence and words of wisdom not only added value to the workshop but also served as a source of encouragement and motivation for the participating students. Overall, the event exemplified the collaborative spirit of medical education and underscored the significance of equipping students with practical skills essential for their future medical endeavors.