History Taking Workshop 2022

A workshop was arranged and managed by the student parliament of S.tentishev Asian Medical institute on 14th October 2022 named HISTORY TAKING WORKSHOP. Students from 3rd year to the final year were invited to join us through a process of registration. The session was delivered by our respected Staff member Dr.Imran Ali (MBBS, RMP). During the session firstly, the instructor took an overlook of students’ previous knowledge, and then he delivered a detailed lecture on the topic after that he did a live demonstration of the delivered lecture points to make it clear to students. The 3rd part of the session was given to students to do their practice in which the instructor monitored them individually. The session was surveilled by the respected dean, vice dean, and other staff members. At last respected dean, Dr.Ruslan gave his motivational speech to students. Then he presented a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Imran Ali for devoting his time and knowledge to our students. Also, all the participants were awarded certificates of participation to appreciate them for their spectacular response and hard work.