International Annual Conference On Medicine & Surgery (IACMS)

Science and technology have advanced significantly throughout time. The realm of medicine has seen a strong reflection of this advancement. Indeed, the awareness of truth and the progress of knowledge are the purposes of education.
On the 19th and 20th of April. AsMI Students Parliament along with the administration of S.Tentishev Memorial Asian Medical Institute organized International Annual Conference on Medicine and Surgery IACMS-23.
Medical professional from around the globe such as Pakistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Poland, the United Kingdom, China, Nepal, and Scotland has come together to share their knowledge regarding medicine and science.
The conference was inaugurated with welcome speeches from Rector, V. Rector, Dean, and V.Dean, HOD’s were invited as Conference Chairpersons. The conference was modulated by Syed Safi Ullah Shah.

Speakers for 19th of April:
Prof.Dr. Jadwiga Mirecka (Chief Guest)
Prof.Dr.Syed Babar Hussain
Dr. Janbeekov Sanjal
Prof.Dr. Mudessar Rafaqat
Dr.Shima Yasser
Dr. Asghar Khan
Dr.Naila Chaudary
Prof.Dr.Ahmed Elseidy
Dr. Areeba Javed
Dr.Souman Bharti
Tasmin Nazim
Dr.Shirin Kurbanova
Prof.Dr. Deepak Marwah

Speakers for 20th of April:
Dr.Dilip Kumar.
Dr.Hussain Baloch
Dr.Hadiqa Mazhar
Emil Omuraliev
Rushna Wazahat
Prof.Dr.Cigdem karakukcü
Dr. Chirag Madaan
Dr.Syed Irfan Ali
Dr.Abdul Rehman
Dr. Shakeel Anwar
Dr.Raja Mahindran
Saman Javed
Dr.Gobind Rai Garg
Dr.Pritesh Singh

The conference was fruitful as our students were able to capture the key points delivered by our esteemed speakers.