“INFECTIO EPIGNOSI” scientific and practical conference in AzMI

Asian Medical Institute hosted a scientific and practical conference “INFECTIO EPIGNOSI”, dedicated to topical issues of infectious pathologies and measures for their prevention.      

        The conference was held in a hybrid format and was attended by researchers and public health activists from Kyrgyzstan, the United States of America, Pakistan, India, Mexico, and active members of scientific circles from various universities in Kyrgyzstan: Asian Medical Institute, Adam University, Osh State University, Salymbekov University, International Medical University, Avicen University

        The participants showed a deep study of the chosen topics, and a good ability to structure the material and present it to the audience. Presented reports and presentations covering a variety of topical topics in the control of infectious diseases. This conference has become a platform for the exchange of experience and research practice for students and young researchers.

Conference program:

 28 October 2022, Friday Kant city, Gagarina street 58, AzMI, th floor (Main building), Auditorium ( Assembly hall )  
  12.00-12.30  Registration
12.30-12.40OPENING CEREMONY  with the participation of the rector of AzMI, Honored Doctor of the Kyrgyz Republic, Professor Selpiev TT, Vice-Rector of AzMI prof. Buylashev TS, Chairman of the Society of Pediatric Doctors of the Kyrgyz Republic Prof. Suilamanov Sh.A.
12.40-12.50Kulambaev Bakyt Associate professor of AzMI, PhD Kyrgyzstan Humanity’s Fight Against Diseases
12.50-13.00Dr. Alieva Dinara ISM IUK, Kyrgyzstan Topical issues and immunoprophylaxis of Poliomyelitis in Children
13.00-13.15Prof. Sulaimanov Shairbek Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University Respiratory tract in children: interaction of infection and allergy
13.15-13.22Zakiy Student of AzMI, Kyrgyzstan Study survey report
13.22-13.29Akbar Mirza Myths and hoax in medical field related to infectious diseases 
13.29-13.36WANTOE T. WANTOE, UN, USA World epidemic situation
13.36-13.43Mahrukh Rehmani Epidemiology of infectious diseases
13.43-13.50      Shruti Kumar Student of AzMI Lab diagnosis of infectious diseases
13.50-13.57Hafiza Mehneel Qayyum Speech Problems in diagnosing of Infectious Deseases  
14.04-14.11Ravi Gupta Survey report Tuberculosis  
14.11-14.18Daniya Usmani AzMI Case study : Influenza
14.18-14.25Adil Iqbal Adams university  Rabies
14.32-14.45D.R. LUCAS HERMANN Medical Doctor in Infectious Diseases and Respiratory Medicine. From Berlin, Germany 
14.45-14.52Anshika Khare Article Chicken pox in Kyrgyzstan and administration  
14.52-14.59Ravi Gupta Survey report Tuberculosis  
15.00 – 15.30                                       REFRESHMENT BREAK
15.30-15.37Mustafa Imran Adams University Tuberculosis Offline  
15.37-15.44Wizna Tariq Adams University SARS   
15.44-15.51Butt Sohira Nas Salymbekov university International Faculty of Medicine.   Prevention of SARS-CoV-2 Infection. vaccination. Types of Vaccines. advantages and disadvantages.”   
15.51-15.58Shirak Rajasekaran Osh state university Effectiveness of programs and regimens of controlling typhoid fever- a brief study over India and Kyrgyzstan   
15.58-16.06Saksham kankale Osh state university Epidemiology of HIV in India and Kyrgyzstan   
16.06-16.13       Ana Laura Rodríguez From: Mexico        Partners in Health Mexico, challenges and opportunities of care for infectious diseases 
16.13-16.20Wagan Najam Uddin Adams university Concept of AIDS and HIV Offline   
16.20-16.27            VIDEO ON POLIO AWARENESS   
16.27-16.34Thirumani Jhansi Presentation Polio   
16.34-16.41Akram Wasim Osh state university Comparative analysis of the treatment methods and cost of the drugs of AIDS in the Kyrgyzstan and India.   
16.41-16.48Adil Iqbal Adams university Rabies Offline   
16.48-16.55Shirak Rajasekaran Osh state university Effectiveness of programs and regimens of controlling typhoid fever- a brief study over India and Kyrgyzstan Online   
16.55-17.02Ibtisam ur Rehman Adams university Enteric fever Offline   
17.02-17.09Easvarie Periya Karuppan Osh state university Economical damage of COVID-19 patients in Kyrgyzstan and India Online   
17.09-17.16Tooba Khursheed Article/research Public health   
17.16-17.23Parul Singh Article Hepatitis B   
17.23-17.30Syed Umer Hussnain Shah, IMU 
17.45-17.50       CONCLUDING REMARKS