International Women’s Day 2024

On International Women’s Day, the vibrant spirit of empowerment filled the halls of S.Tentishev Asian Medical Institute as the AsMI Student Parliament orchestrated a day dedicated to celebrating womanhood. With a blend of education and homage, the event encapsulated the essence of women’s empowerment. Through an enlightening documentary and insightful presentations, the audience delved into the challenges faced by women and explored viable solutions. The occasion also served as a platform for the esteemed female members and teachers to be acknowledged for their invaluable contributions. As the day progressed, a sense of celebration enveloped the institute, culminating in the heartfelt presentation of Certificates of Excellency to honor the dedication and leadership of our esteemed senior teachers. With each moment, we celebrated the strength, resilience, and achievements of women, leaving an indelible mark on our collective consciousness.