Love Your Heart, Love Your Life: AzMI and ProfiMed Clinic Join Forces for Cardiovascular Health

In a remarkable collaboration, the Asian Medical Institute (AzMI) and ProfiMed Clinic orchestrated a significant event, “Love Your Heart, Love Your Life,” on September 29-30, 2023. This initiative not only underscored the crucial importance of heart health but also actively engaged the community in its preservation.

Residents of Kant city and students from the Asian Medical Institute converged for this impactful event, collectively advocating for the paramount goal of maintaining heart health. A highlight of the program was a poster competition themed “Healthy Heart, Healthy Life,” which garnered a plethora of creative and vibrant works. The winners were duly recognized for their artistic prowess and for conveying essential messages on the significance of health and heart well-being.

Beyond the artistic celebration, the campaign provided free consultations to the participants, where medical professionals and heart health experts offered advice and conducted screenings to identify potential cardiovascular risks. The Department of Therapeutic and Specialized Disciplines at AzMI spearheaded this initiative, with Head of the Department Bakyt Kulambaev expressing gratitude to all involved. He emphasized that such events serve as crucial reminders of the invaluable asset that is heart health.

This collaborative effort between AzMI and ProfiMed Clinic exemplifies the impact that local organizations can have when they unite to support the health and well-being of the community. “Love Your Heart, Love Your Life” not only left a lasting impression but also inspired individuals to prioritize their heart health. Thanks to this event, many gained insights into the importance of a heart-healthy lifestyle and received practical tips for maintaining overall well-being. The Asian Medical Institute and ProfiMed Clinic remain steadfast in their mission to preserve and enhance the health of both citizens and students.