“Master Class on Basic Surgical Skills” Elevates Training for Final-Year Students

In an endeavor to equip final-year students with essential skills and hands-on experience, the Department of Surgical Disciplines orchestrated a highly successful master class on basic surgical skills. The event, held yesterday, served as a crucial milestone in the academic journey of aspiring surgeons, providing them with a unique opportunity to delve into fundamental surgical techniques under the guidance of seasoned professionals. The master class not only aimed to enhance the technical proficiency of the students but also fostered a deeper understanding of the precision and intricacies involved in surgical practice.

Throughout the session, final-year students engaged in practical exercises covering a spectrum of basic surgical skills. Under the expert supervision of faculty members from the Department of Surgical Disciplines, participants honed their abilities in suturing, knot tying, and other foundational surgical techniques. The hands-on nature of the master class not only augmented the students’ practical competencies but also instilled a sense of confidence as they prepared to transition from the academic setting to clinical practice. The Department’s commitment to providing such immersive learning experiences underscores its dedication to nurturing a generation of skilled and confident surgeons.