Master class on Orthopedic Dentistry

On February 16, a practical lesson was held for 2nd and 3rd year students of the Faculty of Dentistry on the topic: “Modern impression materials. Prints.”

The topic of the master class is determined by the consolidation of the material from the completed module of the current semester “Materials Science”.

As part of the theoretical part, students studied:

Pros and cons of different classes of impression materials;
10 golden rules for taking a high-quality impression;
Errors when taking impressions and ways to solve them;
And much more.
In preparation for the master class, students independently completed impressions using various methods and materials.

The training was conducted by the head of the Department of Dentistry, Lebuzov I.I. and teacher Nurlanov I.N.

During the master class, 3rd year students shared their knowledge and made a presentation to 2nd year students in the “Seniors to juniors” format, presented their works, which were evaluated by both the students themselves and the teachers.

We are proud of our students! You constantly strive for new knowledge!