Nowruz 2023

Nooruz is an ancient national holiday of the spring equinox. This holiday has its roots in ancient times. Even before the advent of Islam, people celebrated this day as the beginning of a new year, the renewal of nature and man. A few days before the holiday, people cleaned their houses, paid off debts, and forgave all insults. For the holiday, people put on elegant clothes, had fun and laughed, and organized various games and competitions. The large, friendly, and multinational AzMI family also celebrated the Nowruz holiday. Under the guidance of teachers of the Unified State University Department, 1st and 2nd-year students prepared a festive concert, they sang Kyrgyz songs, quoted the Manas epic, and danced Kyrgyz dances. All concert guests were treated to traditional sumolok – a dish that is prepared on the eve of Nowruz.