Olympiad in Human Anatomy

On December 8, 2022, an Olympiad in human anatomy was held at the AzMI named after S. Tentishev. The students of the 1st year of the 1st semester of the medical college of AzMI of the faculties “General Medicine” and “Pharmacy” took part in the Olympiad.

This event was organized by the Department of Morphological Disciplines under the guidance of teachers of anatomy and physiology. “Human Anatomy and Physiology” – are one of the basic subjects, the knowledge of which opens the door to understanding and awareness of one’s future profession. The purpose of the Olympiad was to promote personal growth and the development of clinical thinking of students of the Medical College of AzMI.

The program of the Olympiad included several stages, with a subsequent increase in the level of difficulty. The main aspects were to test knowledge of the anatomy of the skeletal system, their Latin names, as well as the definition of a bone with a blindfold. Team members showed a keen interest in participation, and were pleased with the correct answers. According to the results of the Olympiad, winners were identified, and memorable gifts and certificates were presented. The holding of such events, of course, is accompanied by great support from the leadership of AzMI named after S. Tentishev at all stages of preparation and is of great importance for students, allowing them to expand their knowledge, be competitive, and be self-confident.