Online webinar on the topic “Youth Leadership Skills”

On January 13, 2023, an online webinar was held on the topic “Leadership Skills of Youth”, organized by the Student Scientific Club of AzMI “Salvatores” together with the non-profit organization “Awareness Beyond Borders”. The speakers of the webinar were Prakhar, the chairman of the student scientific circle of the AZMI “Salvatores”, a 6th-year student of the Faculty of Medicine, and Larisa Cevallos, the global ambassador of the UN Youth Assembly, who was invited to the meeting.
The purpose of organizing such a meeting is to expand the horizons and knowledge of students, unlock the potential of young people, and develop the volunteer movement.
According to the speakers, leadership skills can help them in all aspects of life and professional activity. Leadership involves many personality traits, including communication skills, that anyone can learn and apply. Understanding leadership skills and how to develop them is extremely beneficial for young people.”

Issues such as team motivation, delegation of responsibilities, responding to feedback, and problem-solving were also discussed at the meeting. The speakers answered questions from participants on various aspects of youth leadership. The meeting was attended by students from Adam University, International Medical University, International School of Medicine, International University of Kyrgyzstan, and Avicenna International Medical University. Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Therapy and Specialized Disciplines of AzMI Kulambaev Bakyt Bekzhanovich took part in organizing the meeting.