Demonstration of Academic Excellence: Review of the Interuniversity Olympiad on Interprofessional Disciplines organized by the Department of Interprofessional Disciplines, S. Tentishev Asian Medical Institute, dedicated to the birthday of the founder Erkin Satkynbaevich.

Students, teachers, and distinguished guests gathered at the inter-university Olympiad on medical genetics, microbiology, evidence-based medicine, pharmacology, public health, and hygiene, organized by the AsMI Pharmacological Society. Packed with programs, intellectual challenges, and cultural displays, was a feast of knowledge and talent. The event continued with the welcome of students from International European University, Adam University, Avicenna Medical University, and Jalalabad State University.
Starting with the solemn singing of the national anthems and ending with the warm greeting of the rector Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctor of the Kyrgyz Republic Selpiev T.T. to the representatives of other universities, the event began on a note of unity and common purpose. Dean, Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences Lyukhurov R.N., and Head of the Department, Senior Lecturer Ryspekova A.E., emphasized the importance of cooperation and scientific search, starting the evening of tough intellectual tests.

Competitions were held in five subjects, each carefully designed to test the knowledge and innovation of the participants. In genetics, participants went through three rounds – ranging from dynamic PowerPoint presentations to quick quizzes – demonstrating their understanding of genetic principles. In pharmacology, informative presentations and real-life case studies were presented, followed by a knowledge test using multiple-choice questions to reveal participants’ knowledge of drug mechanisms of action and therapeutic applications.

The break allowed participants and attendees to recuperate before exploring the following topics: Hospital Hygiene and Sanitation, Evidence-Based Medicine, and Microbiology. From demonstrating hospital hygiene practices to dealing with complex case studies and identifying microscopic specimens, participants tackled a variety of tasks with dexterity and expertise. Cultural performances added vibrancy to the event, celebrating the diverse talents of the participants and fostering a sense of community beyond academia.

At the end of the evening, the winners were awarded, symbolizing the culmination of dedication and hard work. In his poignant closing speech, Sir Dr.Aftab Sheikh inspired the audience with words of encouragement, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and collaboration in the pursuit of knowledge. The event concluded with a photo ceremony, capturing moments of camaraderie and accomplishment that will be cherished long after the competition is over.