Pharmacology Round Table Conference 2024

On the 19th of January, the ASMI Student Parliament and Student Scientific Circle joined forces for a remarkable collaboration, partnering with esteemed senior Pharmacology teacher, Rysova Aiperi Kushubakova, for an enlightening event: the Pharmacology Round Table Conference. This gathering delved into the future prospects of pharmacology in anti-cancer drugs, sparking insightful discussions and fostering a spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among participants. The event served as a testament to the commitment of ASMI to academic excellence and innovation, providing a platform for students and educators alike to engage in meaningful dialogue and exploration of cutting-edge pharmaceutical advancements. As certificates were distributed to acknowledge the valuable contributions of attendees and winners received special gifts, the day concluded on a high note, celebrating the power of collaboration and the pursuit of knowledge in shaping the future of pharmacology.