Round table on the topic “PUBLIC HEALTH AND MANAGEMENT”

On February 18, 2023, the Student Scientific Club “Salvatores” of AzMI organized a round table on the topic “PUBLIC HEALTH AND MANAGEMENT.”

Active representatives of student circles and leaders of student parliaments from other universities such as IMU, ADAMS, IUK, ISM & AIMU also took part in the discussion. The facilitators were the chairman and secretary of the Student Scientific Club “Salvatores” Prahar and Mustijab Ikram. The round table was opened with a welcoming speech and a report “Today’s students are tomorrow’s managers and leaders in healthcare” by the scientific director of the AzMI “Salvatores” student scientific circle, associate professor, and head of the department of therapeutic and specialized disciplines Kulambaev Bakyt Bekzhan. Topics discussed at the meeting were:

Public health policy and its implementation

Management and leadership in medical universities

Improving the quality of healthcare

Medical education and training

Patient-centered care and communication

Medical ethics.

It was a healthy discussion among the students, with short messages presented followed by discussion. Participants agreed that the topics discussed were broad and of great interest to future healthcare leaders and managers. It was decided to continue the cooperation and interaction of student scientific circles of medical universities.