Seminar for the Day of Science

November 11, 2022, Asian Medical Institute hosted a seminar dedicated to World Science Day on the topic: “The scientific activity of a teacher: an important component of pedagogical excellence.”
At the seminar, there were congratulatory speeches by the rector of the Asian Medical Institute, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Selpiev T.T., Vice-Rector for the UNR, Doctor of Medical Sciences,
Professor Buylasheva T.S. They made a report – “Scientific activity of the teaching staff of AzMI named after. S. Tentisheva 2021-2022 academic year year”; Heads of the Department of Science of the Asian Medical Institute, Ashyrbekova A.S. Candidate of Medical Sciences and Head of the Department of “Interprofessional Disciplines” – Kulambaev Bakytbek Bekzhanovich spoke “About the School of the NAC
The senior lecturer of the Department of Therapeutic and specialized disciplines” Bogatyreva Marina Magomedovna about “Peculiarities of histological changes in the liver when exposed to nasvay”. Ilgar Zulfigarovich Khalilov, the teacher of the Department of Morphological Disciplines, spoke about “Changes in the brain during aging”. In the final part, the Vice-Rector for UPR, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Buylashev T.S. presented letters of thanks from the Department of Science to the following 11 teachers:

  1. Candidate of Medical Sciences Kulambaeva B.B.
  2. Candidate of Medical Sciences Lyukhurov R.N.
  3. senior teacher Bogatyreva M.M.
  4. senior teacher Khalilov I.Z.
  5. senior teacher Ryspekova A.E.
  6. senior teacher Karagulova M.Sh.
  7. senior lecturer Osmonbayeva M.T.
  8. senior teacher Turdubayeva E.K.
  9. teacher Akmatov A.M.
  10. teacher Sadyrbaeva G.R.
  11. teacher Abakirova A.S.