Student-to-Student First Aid & Surgical Workshop at ASMI

A student-to-student first aid and surgical workshop were planned by the Student Parliament of AsMi between the dates of 25 and 26 April 2022. The goal of the workshop was to provide students with a hands-on opportunity, where they can learn and practice basic surgical skills.
The instructors for the workshop were the President of the student’s parliament Taimoor Sajid (Student of 6th year) and a member of the Education Department, Student’s Parliament Muhammad Awais (Student of 5th year).
The workshop was divided into morning and evening sessions so that participants could have enough time and could receive attentiveness from the instructors.
The 2-day workshop included suturing, Foley catheterization, bandages, blood pressure, pulse, and temperature monitoring, CPR, choking first aid, surgical knots, IV lines, etc.
Students were invested in the Worksop and requested further sessions.
Closing remarks were followed by certificate distribution.