by admin / on 25 November, 2022

Costume Day 2022 at AsMI

There was a “Costume Day” event organized by the AsMI student parliament on 22 November 2022. Costumes are known for telling the creativity of yours
by admin / on 24 November, 2022

Surgical Workshop 2022

There was a "Surgical Workshop" organized by the AsMI student parliament on 21st November 2022.The main goal of the workshop was to give a glimpse in...
by admin / on 23 November, 2022

Licensing Exam Seminar at AsMI

On the 21st of November, Dr. Mudessar Rafaqat (MD, FCPS 'Urology', MRCS UK) and Dr. Samiha Choudhry (F.C.P.S 'General Surgery', MRCS UK, FJMU) delive...
by admin / on 17 November, 2022

Seminar for the Day of Science

November 11, 2022, Asian Medical Institute hosted a seminar dedicated to World Science Day on the topic: "The scientific activity of a teacher: an im...
by admin / on 14 November, 2022


Based on the results of the Interuniversity Scientific Conference held by Adam University, dedicated to the DAY OF SCIENCE and practical conference o...
by admin / on 8 November, 2022

Diabetes Olympiad 2022

We are going to organize Diabetes Olympiad 2022 regarding World Diabetes Day 2022 to deliver greater knowledge to the students in understanding the b...
by admin / on 2 November, 2022

“INFECTIO EPIGNOSI” scientific and practical conference in AzMI

Asian Medical Institute hosted a scientific and practical conference "INFECTIO EPIGNOSI", dedicated to topical issues of infectious pathologies and m...
by admin / on 22 October, 2022

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022

The 22nd of October Asian Medical Institute marks Breast Cancer Awareness Day and members of the AsMI Students Parliament made sure that this awaren...
by admin / on 18 October, 2022

History Taking Workshop 2022

A workshop was arranged and managed by the student parliament of S.tentishev Asian Medical institute on 14th October 2022 named HISTORY TAKING WORKSH...
by admin / on 7 October, 2022

History Taking Workshop 2022 Registration

Hello Everyone,First of all, we would like to welcome everyone back to the campus after relaxing and fruitful summer vacation. We are going to organi...