Event of the EHD department

On April 17th, 2024, the academic halls buzzed with intellectual fervor as Candidate of Historical Sciences and Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Sciences, Aematova RA, orchestrated two enlightening events. The first, a round table with students from a medical college, delved into the rich historical tapestry surrounding the centenary of the autonomous Karakyrgyz region. Meanwhile, a parallel discussion unfolded with students from the Faculty of Medicine, exploring the philosophical underpinnings within the realm of AsMI studies. These gatherings served as crucibles for fostering independent research and critical analysis among students, igniting their curiosity to explore complex issues through the dual lenses of philosophy and history. By intertwining academic disciplines, Aematova RA not only enriched scholarly discourse but also nurtured a generation of thinkers adept at navigating the nuanced intersections of knowledge.