On January 26, 2023, a regular meeting seminar of the student scientific circle of AzMI “Salvatores” was held in the large conference hall of AzMI. To involve students in research work from the first years of study, 1st and 2nd-year students of the Faculty of Medicine were invited to the meeting. 504 students expressed a desire to take part in it and took part in it. The purpose of the seminar was to initiate junior students into research activities, the work of student scientific circles, and to reveal the connections between the educational and research work of students. The speakers of the event were the chairman of the student scientific circle Prakhar (6th year student of the 12th semester) and vice-chairman Kushagra Mahendra (6th year student of the 12th semester). The speakers noted that a future good doctor should be, first of all, a researcher and proactive specialist. Involvement in student research activities will help them master such skills. The teaching staff and the administration of AzMI provide all the conditions for organizing research work in the educational institution. Participants in student scientific circles are involved in organizing and conducting various scientific conferences, debates, round tables, and competitions.
The current composition of the student scientific circle is also working on international cooperation with innovative ideas. Young researchers can publish both in collections of ongoing interuniversity and international conferences and in their own journal “GIATRO NUNTIUM”.
 The keynote of the seminar was the statement of a famous scientist:
“You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that caused it” Albert Einstein⁠⁠.