This year, in February, the final exams at AzMI were held unusually. The form of certification of students’ practical skills was an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). In this regard, current graduates can be called pioneers. As OSCE coordinator, head of the department of therapeutic and specialized disciplines Bakyt Kulambaev says: OSCE is an objective form of assessing the development of professional competencies of examinees in simulated conditions. This comprehensive exam allows graduates to demonstrate the acquired skills necessary to independently carry out medical activities. All actions performed at our examination stations are important in the future professional activities of graduates: these are “Collecting complaints and anamnesis from patients of various profiles”, “Consulting”, “Carrying out physical examination methods for various diseases”, “Interpretation of laboratory or instrumental data”, “ Cardiopulmonary resuscitation”, “Carrying out diagnostic and therapeutic procedures”, “Management of childbirth and the postpartum period of women in labor.” In total, examinees completed 15 stations demonstrating all of these skills. After the exams, the graduates had more emotions than words. “There was some anxiety before the exams, then I collected my thoughts, went through all the stages, and came out relieved that everything worked out. It was cool!” – said one of the graduates.

“Knowledge alone is not enough – you need to be able to apply it.

 Desire alone is not enough – we must act.”