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by admin / on 17 February, 2024

12th Graduation Jubilee: Celebrating Success at Asian Medical Institute

On February 16, 2024, the S. Tentishev Asian Medical Institute recently celebrated a significant milestone as it held its 12th graduation ceremony for the esteemed 6-year program and the 2nd graduation for the renowned 5-year program. This event marked the culmination of years of
by admin / on 10 February, 2024

A Night of Melody and Verse: AsMI’s Enchanting Qawali & Mushaira

On the 10th of February, 2024, the AsMI Student Parliament orchestrated a mesmerizing evening of Qawali and Mushaira at the S. Tenstishev Asian Medical Institute. The event was meticulously planned and executed, thanks to the dedication of the Parliament President and their team. Enchanting
by admin / on 13 January, 2024

ECG Interpretation Workshop 2024

The AsMI Student Parliament recently took a significant stride towards advancing medical knowledge by hosting an “ECG Interpretation Workshop” on January 13, 2024. The workshop, marked by the esteemed presence of Dr. Shahab Ali, provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of essential studies related
by admin / on 26 December, 2023

AzMI’s Freshmen’s Party and Quaid Day Celebration 2023

Step into the magical world of Asian Medical Institute (AzMI), where joy, vibrancy, and patriotism converged on December 25th, 2023, for an unforgettable Freshmen’s Party and Quaid Day Celebration. This radiant affair marked the commencement of new journeys, paying homage to the visionary mentor
by admin / on 25 November, 2023

White Coat Ceremony & Orientation SEP-2023

Excitement reverberates through the halls of the Asian Medical Institute as the Student Parliament orchestrates a spectacular White Coat Ceremony and Orientation for the brilliant minds joining the September session on November 25, 2023. This auspicious occasion marks the commencement of their 1st Semester
by admin / on 17 November, 2023

Path to USA Residency: AsMI Seminar

Exciting news abounds as the AsMI Student Parliament spearheaded an illuminating seminar titled “A Pathway to USA Residency.” Dr. Ratesh Khillan, a distinguished expert, shared invaluable insights on the USMLE pathway via Microsoft Teams on November 17, 2023. This initiative marks yet another commendable
by admin / on 11 November, 2023

A Vibrant Celebration of Iqbal Day 2023 at AsMI

The essence of Iqbal Day resonated vibrantly at S. Tentishev Asian Medical Institute as the AsMI Student Parliament orchestrated a celebration brimming with wisdom and inspiration on November 10, 2023. The event, pulsating with the energy of enthusiastic student participation, encapsulated the essence of
by admin / on 23 April, 2023

International Annual Conference On Medicine & Surgery (IACMS)

Science and technology have advanced significantly throughout time. The realm of medicine has seen a strong reflection of this advancement. Indeed, the awareness of truth and the progress of knowledge are the purposes of education.On the 19th and 20th of April. AsMI Students Parliament
by admin / on 6 January, 2023

Endocrine Pathology Olympiad

Endocrine System is one of the major acting systems in the human body. Pathologies related to the endocrine system are as complicated as the human structure and have a high significance in clinical practice to make students aware of the endocrine system and its
by admin / on 24 December, 2022

Pharmacology Olympiad

On the 23rd of December, a Pharmacology Olympiad was organized by the Pharmacology Society of Asian Medical Institute.Olympiad had 3 rounds Students wholeheartedly participated. they learned a lot about drug uses and its contraindications. such events build decision-making skills in students. Dr. Aftab was